Three Friars Profess Vows, Beginning Their Seminary Journey

by Summer/Fall 2018  |  09/12/2018  |  

On June 23rd , 2018, our first three novices, Brother John of the Cross Costantino, Brother, Paul Graupmann, and Brother Xavier Kozlowski professed temporary religious vows before Diocese of Phoenix Bishop, Thomas Olmsted.

What are temporary religious vows? They are a public profession made by men and women discerning a particular vocation to a religious order. They are an individual's free response to a Divine call to follow Jesus Christ under the action of the Holy Spirit in a specific form of religious living. Their once common rope cinctures, which they wear around their waist, now have tied into them three knots. These signify Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, the three cornerstones of Franciscan life.

In August, 2018, our three "temps" moved into their new residence, Greyfriar's House of Studies at Most Holy Trinity Parish in Detroit, MI, where they will remain throughout their time at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.